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Joe Gambino CEO

Joseph Gambino

Chief Executive Officer

A Message from the CEO, Joseph Gambino

Dear Friend,

Hometown Health Centers recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. A milestone filled with continuous care, and improved health outcomes. We look forward to the many years ahead as Hometown serves as your provider of choice in this wonderful community.

If you are interested in establishing care with a new doctor, dentist, optometrist, or behavioral health specialist, we’re ready to serve you. We are taking new patients.

Hometown, uses state-of-the-art technology, offers quality primary care, comprehensive dental services, specialty care, pediatrics, prenatal services, behavioral/mental health care, counseling, optometry, on-site pharmacy, and lab services.

Most of these services are accessed at one convenient location. Hometown prides itself with providing a warm and welcoming environment. Care is available to everyone regardless of the ability to pay. Patients are seen by exceptional providers and support staff. These are people with children and families just like you. They more than understand the stresses of work and family. They are heroes one and all and they make me proud every day.

Recently, The Daily Gazette as part of its “People’s Choice Awards, Best of the Best Program” presented Hometown with its “Best General Practice Doctor Award.” This was based on a competitive, community-wide survey. Hometown also received two prestigious national awards from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for the high level of care it provides. I’m fortunate to lead this organization and its outstanding team who strive to improve the lives of children and families in our area each day.

Yet I see this as more than 50 years of service. It shows the trust placed in us. At the best times and the darkest of days, Hometown demonstrates its commitment to the people it serves. We all work hard each day to earn your trust. It’s never taken for granted.

I’m filled with optimism. We emerged from the pandemic stronger and more informed. These unsettling times tested and strengthened Hometown’s resolve to keep its doors open and provide excellent care and customer service for its patients.

If you need of a new doctor, dentist, or other specialist, please call us. If you’re already a patient, thank you again. At Hometown we take care of you.

Stay safe and healthy,

Joe Gambino,
Chief Executive Officer
Hometown Health Centers

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