News Alert for Hometown Health Centers Patients

Posted April 10, 2024

Change Healthcare, a Tennessee-based vendor used by hospitals, private practices, and community health centers throughout the country for services including patient billing, is the victim of a cyberattack impacting clients throughout the country. Criminals were able to penetrate their systems to obtain confidential information.   

Hometown has used this vendor for some services. Any information that may have been compromised would be limited. Hometown also has contacted the company several times regarding how the compromised health information may impact you. It is still waiting for information.

Hometown holds its vendors to the highest standards. Please be advised Hometown contacted the New York State Attorney General’s Office, the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office, and the Administrators for Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Labor.

Although this is not legal advice, Hometown urges you, even in the best of times, to always monitor your credit reports.   Updates will be provided on this website as information is acquired or by letter sent by U.S. Post if appropriate.